"Me Han" Hierarchical Grid

// Star Wars / Han Solo Quote:“I take Orders from just one person: ME”

A black white photo very boldly set in the middle of the page, red overlapping type and a big number in the lower right like a splat on the page that they tried to clean off but it still left a mark.

I like the way the page numbers match the overall light/dark balance of the images. The simple layout brings emphasis to the content of the red text, too.

Example of Hierarchical Column Grid  I think this design has a very consistent look which is achieved from using a constant colour throughout, along with a very illustrative style across each page, i like the way the green/blues represent sea water which relate directly to the subject and contrasts with the white text. Website Inspiration - July 2013

Illustrative Type in a magazine spread. What if we made a layout, printed it out, put the shoe in the right place, shot a photo of it and put it into the catalog? Prrrrretty cool i think.

Example of Hierarchical Grid  Enemy - Jake Gyllenhaal

A man seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie.Enemy "Enemy movie" "Enemy trailer" sci-fi thriller "Denis Villeneuve" "Jake Gyllenhaal" "Mélanie Laurent" "Isabella Rossellini" "Sarah Gadon" movie clone look-alik.

.Hierarchical Grid Example

art deco design Dutch Graphic Design “An Offering of Uncles” by Saxton Graphic Associates Blaumut + Llúmia live poster: Quim Marin ( Marin D.

Hierarchical Grid Poster

The visual hierarchy of the poster is re-inforced by text and white squares. The text drags your eye down the page and plays with background (Ian Curtis).

Juno (2007) Hierarchical Grid Example

Juno (2007)

juno pregnant maternity halloween costume idea - this may be the one for me.

Hierarchical grid with a large "A" without set structures.

Hierarchical grid with a large "A" without set structures.

Hierarchical grids

Hierarchical grids

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