StanleySpencer1959.jpg - Sir Stanley Spencer KCB CBE RA (30 June 1891 – 14 December 1959) was an English painter.[1] Shortly after leaving the Slade School of Art, Spencer became well known for his paintings depicting Biblical scenes occurring as if in Cookham, the small village beside the River Thames where he was born and spent much of his life. Spencer referred to Cookham as "a village in Heaven" and in his biblical scenes, fellow-villagers are shown as their Gospel counterparts. - more

Sir Stanley Spencer ‘Self-Portrait’, 1959 © Estate of Stanley Spencer. All Rights Reserved 2014 / Bridgeman Art Library

While a student Spencer allied with a (short-lived) group who called themselves the "Neo-Primitives" which was centred on David Bomberg and William Roberts.[3] In later life Spencer remained an independent artist and did not join any of the artistic movements of the period, although he did show three works at the Second Post-Impressionist Exhibition in 1912.[4Google Image

Stanley Spencer, (English painter, Port Glasgow Cemetery 1957 It's About Time: At the Tomb

Everything has a sort of double meaning for me, there's the ...

Everything has a sort of double meaning for me, there& the .

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Nicknamed 'Cookham' by fellow artists, Stanley Spencer devoted himself to painting sweetly bizarre scenes of the village where he was born, turning its streets into visions of holiness.

Resurrection, Re-Union

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The Resurrection of the Soldiers - Stanley Spence stanley spencer resurrection - Google Search

Stanley Spencer (British The Resurrection of the Soldiers, Sandham Memorial Chapel, Burghclere, UK. Painted as a memorial to World War i.

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