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Karen uploaded this image to 'Betty Boop/Betty Boop Hawaiian'. See the album on Photobucket.

Men's Style: How to dress dapper in the modern age [Infographic by CustomMade] | Raddest Looks On The Internet:

Guys here is another fabulous and comprehensive men's fashion guide on how to dress dapper in the modern age. It's a men's suit guide covering fabrics, pat

35 Deliciously Fun Vintage Guinness Ads

Guinness for strength poster - vintage Rugby and Guinness memorabilia

police mugshots 1920s

"This man refused to open his eyes" - Police mugshots from the old pictures stand.

1920s police mug shots

Police Mugshots - These Men Don't Look Like They're About To Get Jailed - History Daily


Let's take a minute to appreciate how awesome police mugshots were in the and another moment to appreciate how dapper real gangsters were.