Jill Davison
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Gorilla Mask Halloween Costume

Create a presence of intimidation with this gorilla mask. This mask goes perfect with a suit and tie, or in tandem with a body costume.One gorilla maskL.

Get Perfect Triangle Squares

Use these tips to cut half- and quarter-square triangles. Instructions are provided for right-handed and left-handed cutting.

Free Quilting Designs

Triangles of all sizes combine for a stunning wall hanging. Beautiful red, purple, and pink prints create interest while wide cream and brown borders show off the quilting.

Fast Pillows

Sew handmade pillows, pillowcases, and pillow shams to match any decor--no matter how often you change it out! Our free pillow patterns feature both neutral and traditional patterns to standout and seasonal designs!

Couching and Sewing Curves

See how to add curvy couched fabric to your next quilting project. Learn the necessary stitching techniques to add couching to your quilt.

Heather Thomas shows you how to dribble colors onto different quilt designs to help determine the best colors to use to enhance your design.

If you ever wanted to give hand quilting a try, but were uncertain on how to get started, check out these basic hand quilting techniques.

Casserole Carrier

Casserole carrier pattern - great gifts, perhaps with a casserole dish and some tried-and-true recipes tucked inside. :) Would also make a great housewarming or newlywed gift.