Fabulous photography piece (irritating tumblr provides no link so let me know if you know the source!)

12 Days of Christmas - Tables the Holiday Way

Funny pictures about Playing with shadows. Oh, and cool pics about Playing with shadows. Also, Playing with shadows photos.


I used to dream of having an underwater house and being able to breathe underwater so I could live in it like a mermaid.

mosaic photo - very interesting yet simple for lower El.

mosaic photo - very interesting yet simple for lower El. I like the grid lay out - We could incorporate color this way.

“God is not a belief-system. Jesus is not a religion. The good news is not a ticket to Heaven. Church is not an address. The Bible is not a book of doctrines. Transformation is not behavior modification. Community is not a meeting. Grace has no exceptions. Ministry is not a program. Art is not carnal. Women are not inferior. Our humanity is not the enemy....

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crewcuts chalkboard holiday photos

Weigl crewcuts chalkboard holiday photos - This could be so fun - we could even do a version for the dog where she has antlers.

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