Culzean Engraving

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two metal plaques with the names of three different businesses on them, one for the franklin house group
the random house group's award plaque
the private clinic sign is clearly visible for all to see
a metal plaque that says michael mundle is always have your back on it Memories, Holder, Always You, Passport Holder
the new heritage collection woodland's orange 2010 sign is displayed on a table
a metal sign on top of a table in a room with many other items around it
a blue plaque with the words victoria drumond on it's side and gold border
the seal of the united states of america on a white background is seen in this image
a sign that says level 5 rooms 501 - 537 with arrows pointing to the right
a plaque on the wall that reads the john maddaki academy opened on 5 december 2007 by the r h tony blair
two shiny metal vases sitting next to each other on a blue cloth covered table
there is a blue and gold sign on the side of a building that says northam federal