Salt tray with rainbow paper strips underneath - sensory play or pre-writing activity

Rainbow Salt Tray

Rainbow Salt Tray : used for spelling practice, math facts and letter practice as well as fun. Pan x works well and I laminated rainbow after putting construction paper together. Add salt or sand.

Mark-making roll.We do this in class and it inspires brilliant pictures and mark making!

Setting Up...Making Sense!

Loads of great mark making ideas for continuous provision too

Painting with Trains

Tuff Spot Play – Painting With Trains

Tuff Spot Play – Painting With Trains – 3 Kids and a Gluestick

Mark making with chalk on stones from Rachel (",)

The Gruffalo

Chalk drawing on stones is an easy activity for kids.Just wash off and reuse again

Sharpies on foil and other fun pre-school ideas. We could do with something more permanent for outdoor mark-making.

Drawing on foil with Sharpies.we did mini versions the other day and backed them on black card and they looked gorgeous :)

Outdoor writing - use some of those old cigar boxes? Also, need to develop the idea of provocations outlined in this link - and be ready to note the conversations and actions they generate in the children!

Kiwi Teacher: Reggio Emilia~Sand trays with tools

Mark making using paint brushes and a bag of dry rice

Very relaxing mark making. Use dry rice or fine sand or glitter and paint brushes, sticks, fingers.