Dinosaur theme

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Comparing ourselves to dinosaurs.  A simple dinosaur footprint measuring activity for EYFS and Year 1.

Dinosaur Themed Measuring Idea (EYFS)

A novel way to get EYFS to appreciate the size of dinosaurs is by measuring a dinosaur's footprint using the shoes of the children.

Love this dinosaur world

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Dinosaur dough with pasta & goggly eyes - from Rachel (",)

Dinosaur Invasion! - Stimulating Learning

Early Years activities linked with dinosaurs.

Dinosaur foot print ideas #twinkl

Primary Resources - KS2, KS1, Early Years (EYFS) KS3, KS4, Twinkl

Dinosaur foot print ideas #twinkl

Dinosaur Medium Term Plan EYFS

Worms Eye View - Printables Group

Dinosaur Medium Term Plan EYFS

Dinosaur story basket from Rachel (",)

Story Baskets & Props - Stimulating Learning

Ideas for story baskets or props for popular stories in the Early Years - from Rachel

Dinosaur Dig (from Stimulating Learning With Rachel)

Dinosaur Invasion! - Stimulating Learning

Early Years activities linked with dinosaurs.

Sequencing dinosaur bones game - also good for science, fine motor, and gross motor!

Digging for Dinosaur Bones Maths Game - The Imagination Tree

Create some DIY dinosaur bones for using in sensory play activities and learning about maths at the same time! Lots of different ways to play and learn!

dinosaurs in cocoa mud play dough

Dinosaurs + Mud Play Dough

Yesterday I had a project to work on, so I dug out the mud play dough we used at our last Play & Learn Class and added E's dinosaurs. Before I even suggested it, she was making dinosaur tracks and impressions. To make the play dough, I used this recipe. It has cocoa in it, so it smells amazing! This kept E busy for even longer than it took me to finish my project! I'm going to "dig" this back out next week and add her construction vehicles to the mix!