Roller Skates - I had a pair that didn't have the lace up but did have metal clamps that went around the toe! They always slipped off!

Partington - we played on the square at the bottom of the road all summer and when the sun shone we would roller skate to school.

Cutlery like my Grandma had

Australia / Vintage bone-handled cutlery, once found in every Aussie kitchen drawer.

Elastoplast on a reel. Oh yes I can remember the smell.

Vintage elasto plast elastic adhesive plaster

Walls ice cream 1960s - Memories of the summer holidays and Walls ice cream from the corner shop.

Wall's ice cream sign - Memories of summer holidays in the UK and ice cream from the corner shop.

Crackerjack  - it was Friday night at 5 to 5  I served Leslie Crowther at my saturday job shop once but too shy to present his change with a cheery "Crackerjack" !!

Crackerjack - it was Friday night at 5 to 5 Leslie Crowther and Peter Glazer

Sparklers. My parents brought all four of us children a box of these from their trip to Florida and I bought them for my children.

vintage sparklers We got these on the fourth of july. One year my brother got carried away and threw a lit one on the neighbor's roof.

Animal Magic - johnny Morris, awww remember his lovely singsong voice

Do you remember Johnny Morris putting on the animal voices,great stuff

Like your mother used to bake...

I❤️Nostalgia on

Mothers Pride sliced white bread wrapped in waxed paper - - oh I wish the bread still came in this waxed paper, it kept it so fresh. Mothers Pride bread was lovely too - toast with loads of Lurpak :)

kitchen stools

Kitchen stools, every family had one! Why did they all seem to be yellow?