Antoni Tapies

Antoni Tapies Saw his work in Cuenca, Spain at the Joan March Museum. It was profound at the time.

Arnulf Rainer (born (Death Mask), Ohne Titel (Totenmaske), Oil pastel and photograph on paper, 594 x 425 mm, Collection Tate.

Kreuz V, 1 - violett (Kat. by Arnulf Rainer. The prints in Arnulf Rainer’s etching series Kreuz (meaning “cross”), use the.

arnulf rainer - christusübermalung (overpainting of christ), 1982-1984, oil and photo collage on canvas.

Interesting Exhibition- Under The Influence: Tracing A Long, Twisted History Of Artists And Their Drugs - All News Is Global. For the first time in Paris, the Maison Rouge art foundation explores head-on the role of drugs in art.