Kit Kat Cake - I made several different versions of this stunning cake.

Kit Kat Cake / Recipe Girl

kit kat and m cake. I think the next time someone is in need of a pick me up I will just simple do the kitkats and M's for a gift. No cake. This could also be pinned onto my I'm having me a party board. A party with this would be a great idea too.

Classic Victoria sandwich | BBC Good Food

Classic Victoria sandwich

This Victoria sponge recipe is the perfect quick and easy classic cake for a birthday, wedding or weekend bake. View the best recipes only at BBC Good Food.


Plain Scones

Plain scones Pre-heat oven no higher than 7 and check after 9 mins for bite-size. When halving recipe and using spelt, add just under of baking powder.

Swiss roll, this recipe is a dream to do.

Swiss Roll

Revani (Greek Cake using Semolina)

Revani (Greek Cake using Semolina)

Revani (Greek Cake using Semolina) Byevelyn/athens Recipe Box Grocery List Share TOTAL TIME MINS MINS This is a lovely greek cake using semolina. The texture is coarser.

Raw fruit flapjacks, taste better every day. Great for breakfast on the run!

Fruity fridge flapjacks

Fruity fridge flapjacks - can't wait to try this Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall River Cottage To The Core recipe!

Barabrith, easy to make, delicious spread with butter.

Bara Brith

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