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a large building with two towers in front of trees and bushes on the other side
Follow the Silk Road – 10 days in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
a woman in a long dress standing next to a brick wall and looking up at the sky
14 Top Things to do in Bukhara: Uzbekistan's Sacred Open-Air Museum
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people are walking around in front of an ancient castle like structure that looks like it is built into the ground
Vir·tu·al Ge·om·e·try - Forteresse de Boukhara. Ouzbékistan
an old stone building with three green domes on it's top and two smaller towers above the entrance
a map shows the route of ancient china
along the silk road - Google Search
an old map with many different places on it
10 Best Halal Dishes in Los Angeles - LA Weekly
Silk Road map
an old painting with people and animals on it
Sogdians; Central-Asian whirling dancers. Panel from the funerary bed of An Qie, Xi'an China (d. 579). Xi'an was the starting point for the caravans of the Silk Road.
a map of the persian empire showing its major cities and their main roads in red
The Great Silk Road travel guide :: Countries of the Great Silk Road Tours along The Great Silk Road
SILK ROAD: It was very rare that caravans traveled for the whole distance since the trade system functioned as a chain. Gold, jade, tea and spices. Vector for the diffusion of ideas and religions (initially Buddhism and then Islam). The Silk Road reached its peak during the Mongolian Empire (13th century) notably after the voyages of Marco Polo (1271-1292).