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Guy Denning - Privatise The Air

Guy Denning - Privatise ,(born is a self taught English contemporary artist and painter. He is the founder of the Neomodern group, a former member of Stuckism and part of the urban art scene in Bristol.

Guy Denning

Guy Denning ‘Gorgo Spartan’ Print Available

guy denning

check out the painting of british artist guy denning . i think he describes his work (and the process of painting) the best.

guy denning - a drawing a day: November 2010

Guy Denning / 'Empty promises' pencil, chalk and oil on paper 50 x 70 cm November 2010

Guy Denning

guy Denning Charcoal/graphite Quick illustration with charcoal creates form and gestural lines. Still realistic and soft. The whites and blacks stand out againt=st the coloured paper