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an open book with some writing on the page and one in it's center
a painting of a skeleton hugging a woman with her arm around the neck and holding a flower
a man wearing a mask and holding a rose in his hand with the caption that reads,
an open book with a poem written in spanish on the page and it appears to have been altered
Tú luz.
two hearts flying in the air with words written below them that read, so queria decrete que se me antigon unas bestos tujos
someone is holding an open book in their left hand with the words'te confisso algo? '
a quote written in spanish on a piece of paper with the words cesar ortizz
the words are written in spanish on white paper
an open book with spanish text on it
an open book with some writing on the page and light coming from behind it in black and white
an open book sitting on top of a table filled with flowers and writing in spanish
a piece of paper that has some type of text on it, with the words in spanish
an open book with spanish writing on the front and back cover, in black ink