New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies. Pinner says: This is THE best chocolate chip cookie recipe. Been using this for the past few years and it's nearly made me famous in Seeden.) Gotta try!

The best chocolate mousse of your life in under 5 minutes and only 2 ingredients Chocolate Chantilly, starts with melting chocolate in water and ends with whisking it until thickened.

Fudgy vegan brownies

3 ingredient chocolate mousse in 5 minutes

German Chocolate Bombes

German Chocolate Bombs - individual ganache-glazed chocolate cake bombs are filled with decadent chocolate mousse and creamy pecan-coconut pudding. You would knock everyone's socks off at a dinner party.

How-to Make Whipped Coconut Cream

Phase 3 Whipped Coconut Cream Shootout, with how-to and photos: We love whipped coconut cream with our Phase 3 desserts! See 5 brands put to the test, to find out which whip up fluffy -- and which fall flat.