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Cheryl Luckhurst

Cheryl Luckhurst
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Quad Strengthening Exercises for Bad Knees | Fitness Republic

It’s always good to know your body, play on its strengths and recognize its weaknesses. A bad knee can at times be a problem when it comes to finding a feasible exercise routine. To find suitable exercises for bad knees, it is first important to understan

Commandments from a dog’s perspective… I literally cried the whole time. Expectially the last one

Funny pictures about Commandments from a dog's perspective. Oh, and cool pics about Commandments from a dog's perspective. Also, Commandments from a dog's perspective.

Dr Oz shared the stunning results of a study regarding Torn Meniscus Surgery and invited a physical therapist to demonstrate some simple rehab exercises.

Dr Oz: Torn Meniscus Surgery Outcomes Vs Knee Rehab Exercises (I have a torn meniscus and waiting on a surgery--- decided to try these exercises the surgery) I will keep u posted if any improvement or actually have to go through the surgery.