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Makeup guide for begginers

Did you know that a contour guide like this can help you with your drawings? When drawing a face it helps you put light and shade in areas that are necessary

Contouring is easy if you follow this guide for how to contour according to your face shape. Follow along and give the makeup technique a try now.

Contouring is here to stay, but before you try the face-slimming makeup technique, be sure that youre doing it according to your face shape. Our contouring guide is simple and will show you exactly how to contour for your unique facial features.

Useful Ideas How To Make Up Your Eyes

Are you looking for a great smokey eye tutorial that will bring out your wonderful eyes perfectly? Try out this smokey eye tutorial for beginners.

#MakeupBaking isn't going anywhere. Here's how to nail the technique: http://seph.me/1OWeyM3 #TheSephoraGlossy #baking

BAKING 101 A step-by-step guide to whipping up no preheating required. Sorry dictionary, but the term “baking” has a new definition. What we normally associate with.