2003Rocking a mini-dress so short that you can see her knickers. What a woman. #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.uk/2016/04/108160/pj-harvey-style#slide-7

PJ Harvey Best Style On Stage Looks

Liam Gallagher. You can see more Liam Gallagher stories at: http://britpopnews.com

"I wish I could make everyone see you for what you really are, but you make it so hard when you live like a branch without a tree. A sports car without direction. Whereas I've forgotten about everyone, I remember only you" -Dig Out your Soul

John Squire the Stone Roses

This is a picture of The Stone Roses guitarist John Squire playing live, the long shot conveys the concentration that is within him and portrays him as skillful and talented.

The Stone Roses.

Promotional poster by Silvertone Records for the single Made Of Stone by Manchester band The Stone Roses, February

Bob Mould in Hüsker Dü

Bob Mould - co-lead singer-songwriter for influential Minnesotan punk-pop band, Hüsker Dü. After their breakup, he went solo and also founded another rock band, Sugar.

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