Tap light for each sound they hear in word...phoneme segmentation ( get good quality push lights, not dollar store ones that are finiky)

The idea is to have tap lights out. The child takes a card and then taps a light on for each segment they hear in a word. Then, they have to tap the lights off to begin the next word. For example, rock would be be 3 taps tap per light /r/ /o/ /k/).

Such a great idea!

Great way to teach reading with word family eggs. On each egg, write the initial and final sounds with sharpie marker. Students can twist the egg to create new words that start or end with their sound.

Great idea for a station or morning routine!

: SHAKE OF THE DAY! The special student of the day gets to shake the bucket when they arrive at school to see if he/she can make a CVC word. If the student makes a CVC word we will share it with class, and he/she gets a reward

uppercase and lowercase letter match game for kids

Stamp & Match - Letter Matching Activity For Kids

Match upper and lowercase letters with this playdough activity. Could also stamp letters into playdough (spelling words)

DIY Mental Math Game

DIY Mental Math Game

math center linking game -- Confessions of a Teaching Junkie: A Backwards Glance While Moving Forward

Poster display for classroom expectations/community building   $

"In Our Classroom" {Posters for Classroom Expectations and Community Building}

Cute for primary grades! Poster display for classroom expectations/community building. (If you want each student can have a clothespin with their name. When they display one of these, pin it to the corresponding expectation!

Jessie's Resources: Writing Goals

'Writing Goals' display chart - great idea to keep students accountable for writing goals. Jessie's Resources: More classroom display ideas


Guided Reading table for my beach themed classroom. Don't think I could do the umbrella, but love the table skirt!

Classroom DIY: DIY Unifix Cube Spelling Center  http://www.classroomdiy.com/2012/09/diy-unifix-cube-spelling-center.html

DIY Unifix Cube Spelling Center

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