Tap light for each sound they hear in word...phoneme segmentation ( get good quality push lights, not dollar store ones that are finiky)

Tap light for each sound they hear in word.phoneme segmentation DIFFERENTIATION: Read word segments (suffix, prefix, root word) students tap the light for where it's located in the word.

Such a great idea!

Great way to teach reading - word family eggs. Great way to use leftover plastic Easter eggs.

Great idea for a station or morning routine!

Shake of the Day: CVC; shake all vowels; shake 2 words that rhyme; shake a picture and the letter of the beginning sound of that picture; Addition or Subtraction; 3 numbers in a row-example 3 dots / 3 / three

uppercase and lowercase letter match game for kids

Stamp & Match - Letter Matching Activity For Kids

DIY Mental Math Game

DIY Mental Math Game

Classroom DIY: DIY Mental Math Game Instead of using cards -- popsicle sticks are more durable and easier to store

Poster display for classroom expectations/community building   $

"In Our Classroom" {Posters for Classroom Expectations and Community Building}


Guided Reading table for my beach themed classroom. Don't think I could do the umbrella, but love the table skirt!

Classroom DIY: DIY Unifix Cube Spelling Center  http://www.classroomdiy.com/2012/09/diy-unifix-cube-spelling-center.html

DIY Unifix Cube Spelling Center

Popsicle Stick and Play Doh Spelling

Popsicle Stick & Play Doh Spelling - The girls practiced putting the letters of their name in order by sticking them in play-doh.

popcorn collage

Fall Popcorn Tree Craft for Preschoolers

my kid wood just eat all the popcorn.popcorn trees - happy hooligans - fall arts and crafts for kids

money teaching-ideas

Cool idea to make counting money fun! Just get some loose change, have kids draw arms, legs, and/or other body parts to create their critter then add up the value!