These are most of her amazing art work... Hope mine will be as good as hers some day

I love this artist - Agnes-cecile. I have two of her prints so far, one of which is the very top one on this pin! I think I need to start doing art again, and learn how to do watercolors!

Blendscapes by Oriol Angrill Jordà

I love how this fashion illistration includes different elements and also is collaged,I love the soft pastel colours and the flower pattern, by Oriol Angrill Jordà

line drawing

Illustration by Pat Perry. Pat Perry is an artist and illustrator from Detroit.He works especially with pen, ink and watercolor. I think it's a beautiful illustration.


For Tokyo-based textile artist Mana Morimoto, aka MNMRMT, thread is therapy. Her first attempt at embroidery on paper was on one of her.


New York-based artist Matt Wisniewski creates mixed media images that are simply attractive and beautiful. He manipulates photos found while surfing the internet. His work represents the mixture of hu