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jack hogan: Big brush strokes on butcher paper. Cut out. Combine painting.

Colorful paint squeezed from a tube… that leans against the wall on it’s own! This is the sculptural painting work {acrylic on cut wood} by Irish architect, turned artist, Jack Hogan.

METROPLASTIQUE imagined by SupaKitch & Koralie

celestia is PINK mofo PINK CELESTIA YES FDIVA there is a boy who makes me feel this way right now.

David La Chapelle

I love the vivid color in David LaChapelle's photographs. This Is My House with model, Alek Wek, is one of my favorites.

Odd, Beautiful Still Lifes by David LaChapelle

PHOTOGRAPHY :: David Lachapelle FLOWERS David LaChapelle’s ‘Earth Laughs in Flowers’ features large format images of Baroque style floral arrangements that at first belie a certain formality, but.

glace girls by david lachapelle 1994

David LaChapelle, Glace Girls: Cherries in Syrup, 1994

Jamie Reid • • Beware - You Are Constantly Intimidated, Threatened

Jamie Reid • • Beware - You Are Constantly Intimidated, Threatened

Sex Pistols. 1977 was the height of punk. the punk look was all about spiked hair, mohawks, tartan trousers, leather jackets, chains, dog-collars, black nail polish etc

Sex Pistols, Anarchy in the U. tour publication, Featuring London punk icon, Soo Catwoman, this magazine was designed by Jamie Reid for sale on the Sex Pistols’ 1976 Anarchy tour.