Marta Lapkowska: Freedom of my journal pages + HOW TO TUTORIAL

art journal spread - Marta Lapkowska I've always wanted to try mixed media but I'm too afraid too

marit fujiwara

Textile Artist Marit Fujiwara uses stitch and fabric manipulation to build up textures with a marbled surface. Would be interesting to combine this with my other marbling experiments to create new textures.

#so65 #sketchbooks I’m searching - Carnet de travail Élisabeth Couloigner

Carnet de travail Élisabeth Couloigner i need to start filling entire pages in my sketch book,, i always seem to just create an singular image .

Mixed Media Watercolor Cotton Thread 4x5 Mini Artwork by 1201South, $15.00

Danielle Stratford - Mixed Media, Watercolor, Cotton Thread Mini Artwork -- "In the Midst"

Pen Textures Drawing Reference Guide

Jerome Okutho& insight: If you& trying to improve your pen drawing skills, this reference guide contains a list of pen textures you can try and emulate in your drawings.

Microbe Portraits Capture The Gorgeous Interaction Of Photography And Bacteria

Adding Bacteria To Photography Amounts To An Art-Meets-Science Explosion

In his series Impermanence, South Korean artist Seung-Hwan Oh creates wonderfully distorted photographic portraits by growing emulsion-eating fungus on his film. Oh first allows the fungus to parti.

Anthropologie Bath's colour palette used for their Autumn display inspired by the master of the Arts and Crafts Movement - William Morris

Big Picture Strength Color Clarity and Uniqueness Value Like gold as an accent, not the central focus