Marta Lapkowska: Freedom of my journal pages + HOW TO TUTORIAL

art journal spread - Marta Lapkowska I've always wanted to try mixed media but I'm too afraid too

marit fujiwara

Textile Artist Marit Fujiwara uses stitch and fabric manipulation to build up textures with a marbled surface. Would be interesting to combine this with my other marbling experiments to create new textures.

Mixed Media Watercolor Cotton Thread 4x5 Mini Artwork by 1201South, $15.00

Think of stitching to add line to your compositions. Danielle Stratford - Mixed Media, Watercolor, Cotton Thread Mini Artwork -- "In the Midst"

Pen Textures Drawing Reference Guide

Beginners pen & ink techniques ~ nice to have your own version on this techniques cause we all draw differently. This is a great idea to practice pen and ink

Microbe Portraits Capture The Gorgeous Interaction Of Photography And Bacteria

Adding Bacteria To Photography Amounts To An Art-Meets-Science Explosion

In his series Impermanence, South Korean artist Seung-Hwan Oh creates wonderfully distorted photographic portraits by growing emulsion-eating fungus on his film. Oh first allows the fungus to parti…

Bildergebnis für A-level work @ Highcrest Academy - based on rusted surfaces.