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What to wear (and what to carry on) for long flights. Love this list. Although I disagree with wearing flats only for long haul flights. I think you should def. have socks on and most likely compression socks for safety.

OMG this is what I have to do all the time, fly. I do the same thing she is doing, looking out the window. It's not scary at all (well it can be, but most of the time it's not)

Carry-on Essentials for International Travel

A Bit of Bees Knees: Carry-on Essentials For International Travel-- not everything on this list. Really no cell phone (no one leaves this at home), and bringing a calculator?

The ultimate guide to surviving a long-haul flight | Daily Mail Online

Today long-haul flights can be an exhausting and agonising experience, but travellers can take a number of precautions to ease the pain - from bringing a book to skipping the booze.