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Glad there are so many retro sweet shops online

Sherbet fountain - the liquorice straw would always get blocked up. You had to lick the tip of the liquorice to dip into the sherbet! I loved these things :-)

retro sweet peanuts sweets.... Another one that slashed your tongue to pieces.

retro sweet peanuts sweets- I love these! don't they have just a hint of peanut butter inside?

Fruit Polos

Rowntree's Fruit Polos Used to give a packet of these (and the mint ones) to all 3 lollipop men, every Christmas, who helped me cross the road safely the whole year :)

Claypole from Renta-Ghost

Claypole from Renta-Ghost

emu and grotbags - Google Search

The Pink Windmill Show - Grotbags, Rod Hull & Emu. I actually met rod hull and emu many moons ago, it was an experience i can tell you