David Hockney

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The artist, David Hockney at work in his studio.

British artist David Hockney at work on the 'Paper Pools' series. via Printeresting

Collage David Hockney

This is my favorite David Hockney cubism photo because it shows the sky, the subject(building) and the ground all at once. It includes leading lines and pattern.

Photomontage - Hockney

david hockney It is a photomontage of a bridge. I like this because it looks like the bridge is bending out of the montage. This is a digital montage. This is successful because of all the angles the bridge is taken from showing the whole bridge.

David Hockney

lyghtmylife: David Hockney [British Pop Artist, born in Nichols Canyon, c 1980 Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 60 inches x cm) Private Collection