Charlotte Farmery

Charlotte Farmery

Charlotte Farmery
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Learning Shapes With Toy Cars. Create your own shaped road tracks using black sandpaper. Teach your toddler or preschooler their shapes with a triangle, square, circle, rectangle, pentagon and octagon road track.

The manipulative for this weeks is small toys. I couldn't resist making a play activity based on Adam's favourite small toy of all time - the toy car! we have very few shape adventures I decided to create a Learning Shapes With Toy Cars activity.


Literacy Objective: given the letters the student will be able to say the animal that corresponds with that letter. Program goals: to develop skills necessary for a smooth kindergarten transition

banana leaf templates for kids | banana tree leaf Colouring Pages

Take those old bits of green crayons and recycle them into a delightful Palm Leaf Crayon Sun Catcher in celebration of Palm Sunday.