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Charissa Boakes

Charissa Boakes
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Johnny Ramirez and AnhCo Tran == this! this is the hair I want!!

I have ombre, but would like "sombre-" a subtle ombre. I have naturally dark-blonde hair, so I'm interested in this style to subtlety transition from darker to lighter.

shine and matte black mani

This Matte Black Tape Manicure by Liloo is gorgeous! She used blocks of glossy black & matte black nail polish sectioned off with gold striping tape to give this nail design a really classy, French Manicure, feel.

Twist hair then run a straightener through it for instant beach waves

how to do beach waves in less than 5 minutes: divide your hair into two parts. braid each section and tie. twist a section. run your straighter/flat iron over both of the twist a few times. untie twists, and you’re done. Waves with flat iron