Elmer Elephant made from milk bottle / milk carton.  Fabulous Pre-school / Kindergarten craft idea with step by step how to guide

Elmer the elephant craft recycled from a plastic milk jug, tissue paper and googly eyes - adorable. Each student glues a piece of tissue paper.

Our Art for Preschool series continues this week as we begin to explore abstract art and Kandinsky.  Make your own Elmer, inspired by a favorite children's book and Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric Circles

Famous Artists for Kids: Elmer Meets Kandinsky

What a fun way to explore the book Elmer!  Kids will love making these patchwork people!

Patchwork People Inspired by Elmer

Literacy Activity for both kiddos - such a fun project patchwork people inspired by Elmer by David McKee

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