Tara-Kera Charles -Carriman

Tara-Kera Charles -Carriman

Tara-Kera Charles -Carriman
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Art Exchange Art Trolley We designed an art trolley for Art Exchange which is used by families in the gallery at weekends.

Handy Parts Garden Trolley Large 1400 x 640 x 650mm | Garden Trollies | Screwfix.com

Handy Parts Garden Trolley Large 1400 x 640 x

Kingsley Chitting - Metal Trolley Unit & Vintage Chitting Trays

Handmade in the UK! This 4 Shelf Metal Merchandising Unit with 4 vintage potato chitting trays is a real beauty for any retail merchandising environment Ex Vat

... go-karts didn't have engines

In Australia called a billycart, Manchester a bogie, in New Brighton we called them trollies. Ours had no seats, so you could lie down on them and push yourself along on the flat. Mine had big pram wheels on the back.