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Quote: Unknown Pin: by me, Deja :3 Not all heroes wear capes! Some where headphones!

This is true because these people were my heroes and also my friends on here Vincent Valentine, Mick Schmidt, Anj, Liv'sFandom, and my other REAL LIFE FRIEND Insomnia God GO AWAY!

How do they get their hair to stay like that?! I have been having problems with my hair......

How do they get their hair to stay like that? I have so many problems with my hair.

Blue scene hair

How to Get Emo Hair. Want to style your hair so that it fits in with the emo/scene style? Some things you can do include teasing, razor trimming, dyeing, or straightening your hair, but your ultimate emo hairstyle and cut is completely up.

My glasses keeP GETTING SO DIRTY but I ate so many churro anyways WHATRE CHUS ALL UP TO . @lefabulouskillj0y <- back up I think I might start like posting spams or something on there idk ;A;

H-h-hi I am Bailey. I am little and I am I-i-i am looking for a mommy please. I act 3 or 4 sometimes. I get scared easily and I am jumpy at times.