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11 Signs Your Relationship Is Doing Better Than You Think It Is

After the honeymoon phase, most relationships can go through a down period. Some couples view this as a negative, but even if you're not going on weekly date nights anymore, there are signs your relationship is doing better than you think.

8 Signs Someone Loves You More Than You Give Them Credit For

Oftentimes we make the mistake of measuring how much someone loves us simply by how they make us feel, or how overt they are about the behaviors that we think represent their feelings toward us. The truth is that it's really impossible to feel or kno…

11 Weird Tricks For Improving Your Relationship, No Matter What

Despite what Disney and rom-coms might have us believe. relationships — even great relationships — take a lot of work. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few ways to improve your relationship almost instantly that will help make your connection wit…

11 Tiny Things That Make Any Relationship Stronger No Matter What

When couples have problems, or they feel like they're not as happy as they should be, they pretty much always think there's one big shift or change that will fix everything. But in reality, it's more often the case that relationships get stronger and…

24 Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Partner's Self-Esteem Without Realizing It

Self-esteem isn't something you gain or lose overnight. That's why it's important to make sure you're not hurting your partner's self-esteem in ways you didn't know about.

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