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British Propaganda Posters of the Second World War - Talk less - you never know

Talk Less - You Never Know ~ British WWII propaganda poster (but good advice always)

Hill Climb King - The perfect dismount.

Okay so without a doubt, this is the single greatest hill climbing photograph I've ever seen. Hell it's probably the greatest motorcycle related photograph.

Day 9: Frugal. And if anyone is considering hen keeping, go for it! And get your chooks from the charity i volunteeer for -rescuing ex battery hens is really reawarding! #totsbots

WWII Government Poster: Save Kitchen Scraps To Feed The Hens!- "The girls love scraps. It improves their laying productivity.

Old tea advertisment poster

old tea advertisement posters - Cheer up old cock! Tea revives you!

Choose your fiends wisely, my friends.      Sin! Degradation! Crime! Suicide! Prostitution!

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