.ART Artdirector Visual graphic Artwork Composition Poster Mixer cover Design

Image & Type: Here is a Visual graphic Artwork Composition Poster Mixer cover Design. I admire how the designer decided to use a simple typeface. It allows the image and text speak for itself since it is a such a historic quote.

Poster for the wine and food fair in Melbourne. I think the use of negative space to link the two components of the event is very clever and elegant. The contrast of the black and white creates a bold poster that grabs the viewer's attention, it is nicely balanced with the text.

Creative Black and White Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Poster by Kaushik Design Melbourne, Australia.

Old Posters

Vaudeville Poster July Original Vaudeville Poster from The London Palladium. The Palladium was London's foremost Variety show venue, but never Vaudeville. All these top stars were on at the same time.

Clouds in my favourite colour combination.  Eloise Renouf

I love clouds too. I Love Clouds, Limited Edition Giclee Print contemporary artwork

Polaroid poster print, retro wall art,  Nursery print,  Camera poster, modern art  - Polaroid, Rolleiflex, Holga  A3 size Baby blue. $22,00, via Etsy.

Nursery art print Retro wall decor Camera print - Polaroid, Rolleiflex, Holga - poster for all the photographers and people who love the design of classic cameras, from retro funky Polaroid to vintage 420 mm x 297 mm ?

Gorgeous Vintage Soviet Propaganda and Art Posters

Gorgeous Vintage Soviet Art and Propaganda Posters

trees are as integral to earth as fingers are to a hand, Vintage Soviet Environmental Posters. we can live in a way that the earth can reforest herself.


Harris Lewine (art Director) Tom Carnase (Letterer) Book Jacket for Beards this would have been awesome if the the eyes and beard were the same weight