Floating ping pong balls phonics Awesome idea and easy to do. Good for IP play time

Alphabet Sounds Fishing and Matching game

Alphabet Sounds Fishing and Matching game. Use ping-pong balls to practise letter names and sounds with a fun fishing and matching game for pre-schoolers!

Invitation to paint with kitchen utensils. Fun painting activity for all ages.

Painting with kitchen utensils

Demonstrate creative expression through the visual art process (use simple art materials). Demonstrate development of fine and gross motor coordination (refine grasp to manipulate tools and objects).

The stage EYFS outdoor area

The stage EYFS outdoor area. could use the blocks to make the stage area with a red blanket overtop

Create a face from play-dough! Invitation to play. Take a photo for their scrapbooks: Tdeb:)

Me! Me! Me

August theme: All About Me A laminated face mat, some play dough, googly eyes, buttons and pipe cleaners is all that's needed for this student-led activity.

Set up this fun dinosaur swamp sensory play in the water table for an exciting mix of imaginative play, storytelling and small world play fun for toddlers and preschoolers! Such a great way to engage in sensory play (without getting too messy!) and to incorporate favourite characters and storytelling too. We have been enjoying some...Read More »

Dinosaur Swamp Sensory Play

Set up this fun baby doll washing activity for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy. Great role play for developing personal, social and emotional skills!

I love to take something my child loves to play with and use it in lots of different ways. This can encourage them to try different ways to play, and lets them learn important skills by doing something they love. If you know a child who loves trucks and cars, try these super transport activities.

Maybe a gNe for kids with really immature grasp patterns and dislike for colouring (but likes cars) Drawing with Cars ~ Marker Cars is a fun activity that merges art and play. A great way to get the nursery boys mark making!

Milk And Water Bottle Editable Self Registration Label - self reg

Milk And Water Bottle Editable Self Registration Labels on twinkl