Gorgeous! I like how they posed a person in the photo to show how massive the doors and arch are.

The Doors of Obernewtyn by Donato Giancola This painting has always been an inspiration to me. Giancola is amazing.

For Jordan: Ian Murphy Artist who looks at derelict buildings. 4 free galleries of drawings, paintings and sketchbooks, so find as many close-up images as possible.

Ian Murphy drawings - Venetian Scroll in Graphite, Mixed media, Oil Paint Code: Oil paint, mixed media & Graphite on paper x

Ian Murphy

WHO: Ian Murphy WHAT: Venetian Canal WHY: I like the use of mark making to add depth to the drawing. I also like the way the piece guides your eye into the vanishing point becasue of the leading lines.

Ian Murphy

Outbuildings - This graphite and charcoal drawing is quite interesting. It has some fine details in it and as well as textures which can only be created through the roughness and softer hatchings and the obvious light and dark.

Ian Murphy - pen and ink  - washes and fine lines combined

Ian Murphy - Architectural Studies in Sketchbook I like the use of ink and drawing to create this piece and the annotations next to it

Three Kings In The Chasm in Collage, Graphite  Graphite  collage on paper 160cm x 110cm

Three Kings In The Chasm in Collage, Graphite Graphite & collage on paper - Ian Murphy


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