What a brilliant idea - secret bat writing

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Superhero Cityscape Art Project with Van Gogh! These are great for preschool through 3rd grade!! Details, stories, and more at Preschool Powol Packets

Superhero Cityscape Art Project with Van Gogh

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Batman/batgirl party Super Hero Party Stations Super breath- bubbles Detonating bombs- stomping small balloons Web slinging- cans of silly string spray.

measuring up.... Learning about cities and towns using Numicon shapes to measure. Provocation, loose parts, math, equivalence, balance, area, capacity, urban and rural.

I love it when a project crosses curriculum boundaries, and connects the dots among different areas of study -- say, Soc.

Superhero Headquarters

Now in this much more enlightened age girls love their superhero comics, movies and characters as much as the boys.