Science writing anchor chart

science writing anchor chart - love this! We see so many math and language arts anchor charts (which is great), and I love this science one!

I will be making model cells using paper plates in future. This display looks fab!

Model cells with paper plates - we did something similar to this last year and the kids loved it. We used things from our kitchen and school area that related to the function of the parts of a cell.

sound-display » Classroom Displays

sound-display, originally uploaded by Andyrob. Andy wrote: A year 5 interactive display for science topic "sound" including instruments. I tuned the guitar and discovered it's perfectly playable, a.

Different types of fat in the diet

Understanding Fat There are two kinds of fats you need to understand the good and the bad. Good fats will work in your favor burning a huge amount of unnecessary fat away while the bad fats should be constantly stored in your body.

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