love this. color in only 4- 3 for our earth angels and 1 for our angel baby. . .

hearts with stars tattoo, want to add both of my children's names. I would switch the stars on the bottom heart to the other side.

heart for each of my babies (I need to have a few more babies :) )

Today, we are going to share Amazing Heart Tattoo Designs. These Heart Tattoo Designs are really and Amazing Hope you will like and share these Amazing

<3 This one may be the winner. I think I'd replace the two little hearts with a T and a K, for my kids. Planning to put it on my foot. Bring on the sangria!

"The Love Vine" If you intend to get this as a tattoo, I'd love to know! A pic of the finished thing wouldn't go amiss too Thankies. Heart Tattoo V