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OH MY GOSH (this isn't tumblr but shhh)

The fact that Owl City posted that makes it so much funnier! I have laughed at this for like 10 years! Drank a glow stick oh my goodness holy cow! Drank a glow stick I literally fell off of my bed laughing

This is just too funny because I keep thinking about this happening in my church and I would pee my pants

I'm a Christian and I still think this is hilarious. <--- I too am a Christian, and I would actually do the same thing.<---- I'm a Christian (not Catholic) and although I wouldn't do it myself, I still think it's hilarious.

Piedras con decoupage.

One thing I really want to do is try painting beach pebble rocks. I have collected so many pebbles which I use for my beach pebble keyrings but so far I have only drilled holes in them - I have never tried painting them.

Because of Reading...if you've read the books, you know why! Pfft. Divergent.

Because of reading divergent I now know that butter knives are MUCH more painful than you think. *shudders*<< don't kill me but, Divergent is awful.