♂ Aged with beauty - Abandoned rusty ships - live on the beach and restore, set sail with the one that I should be with.

The Beauty within the Abandoned

I love abandoned architecture, there is something so elemental about the reclaimation of buildings by nature sleeping beauty fairytale castle art photography grimm and fairy magical places

The abandoned Lillesden Estate Manor in Hawkhurst, Kent,England.LOOK AT THAT VIEW from that beautiful bay window.

Beauty Among The Ruins: See Some of the Worlds Most Beautiful Abandoned Places. Abandoned Mill from Sorrento, Italy

The staircase of Garthland House, situated on the outskirts of Lochwinnoch, Scotland. The home was built in 1796 for a wealthy land-owner named James Adams.

I think I should have been an architect because I love structural urban photography but also ladscapes. two stairways. 1 by Tommy-Noker Collection of Urban Decay Photography

The space between vibrancy and decay. (Abandoned Whittingham Asylum in northern England -- long history, through the world wars, and then shut down after abuse scandal that persisted through the

The time consume himself, leaving decaying abandonment and ashes by Rui Almeida. Even man made things can't last forever.

School for abandoned toys: Haunting images of empty high school

Holley High School, New York State, was built in 1931 but has been crumbling since the Urban explorers leave behind stuffed animals. Looks a lot like the auditorium at my elementary school, which is gone now.

Whitby Abbey { North Yorkshire, England} It is a ruined Benedictine abbey overlooking the North Sea on the East Cliff above Whitby. It was disestablished during the Dissolution of the Monasteries under the auspices of Henry VIII.