Charlotte Renwick

Charlotte Renwick

Charlotte Renwick
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Kalani Hilliker's Sharkcookie photoshoot. #dance #KalaniHilliker

Practicing for auditions to bad Jacob doesn't wanna try I heard is actually doing ok~Kalani

Can't stand this girl because she's younger and better than me. This is spiteful motivation right here for me.

Maddie Ziegler (Photo Credit by David Hofmann aka Sharkcookie) Gorgeous Shot! Love this kid, such grace & poise for someone so young!

more photos from Maddie Ziegler's Sharkcookie photoshoot...ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

more photos from Maddie Ziegler's Sharkcookie photoshoot.ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Maddie Ziegler is my favorite dancer on dance moms she is the best dancer I ever seen in my life💖

chloe lukasiak dance - Recherche Google

huh all these boys love these girls and I feel like no one likes me no one ever even talks to me I feel left out~Chloe

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This is right near the place we stayed in NYC in January and I thought she was so beautiful and she was an incredible dancer as well.we got to watch her dance in time square😱mind blowing