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'I mean, you got to be two steps ahead. The stuff that half  the haddocks you see around are wearing I was wearing years ago. A kid in my class came up to me in his new suit, an Italian box it was. he says, "Just look at the length of your jacket," he says, "You're not with it," he says. "I was wearing that style two years ago,"

Peter Sugar, Michael Simmonds and Mark Feld in Town magazine, September

skinheads - wish everyone kicked about like this again

Skinheads Nr Carnaby St 1981 mods in the morning till 12 then ghost town and the skins arrive on masse

street-style men (doctor martens)

Men's Street Style Outfits For Cool Guys: Today fashion is not just restricted to women. Men have become more fashion conscious and have started focusing on the way the dress more and more.