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Chelsea Hartshorn

Chelsea Hartshorn
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so true. Its AWESOME on a trampoline!

Point is spelled wrong it's supposed to be pointe. I also have ballet arms and hands every time I extend my arm. And I tap dance on every hardwood floor without realizing it :)

can't wait for this July!!!!

Being an aunt is the best thing on earth! I love my nephew more than anything. I also love being an "auntie" to a few wonderful baby girls whom I love so very much!

Happens a lot

Yes my splits hurt. Yes my pre pointes hurt. And yes I can hold an arabesque for nearly a minute in the correct position an make my self look beautiful but even though it hurts you will know if your a true artist if you continue to dance! ⬆ By: Emma!

It's hilarious! Sorry about the bad words

haha this definitely made me laugh LANGUAGE. Im not offending the Chinese language- that couldve been any other person from any other country that didn't speak english well