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pom pom shooters are an easy and fun craft for kids
Easy Pom Pom Shooter Craft for a Fantastic Indoor Kids Activity!
an egg carton filled with lots of different types of buttons and numbers on it
several paper houses are lined up on a table next to a bird flying over them
14 Easy Crafts Made With Recycled Materials - family holiday
the table is covered with paper mache animals
Táto mamička už mesiace nevyhadzuje prázdne rolky - vzala len nožnice a papier: Deti teraz nebásnia o ničom inom!
a piece of paper that has writing on it
Name spelling activity idea for Preschool.
Name spelling activity idea for Preschool. by glenna
a black tray with chalk writing on it that says, you match the shoes?
Nursery - vocabulary naming/recall, initial sound generation, initial sound matching, rhyme judgement, rhyme generation
a person pointing at a poster on the wall that says what color are you wearing today?
Alphabet Journal in Kindergarten
Something to do during circle... Made with construction paper, half of a poster & velcro... I use it with my toddlers.