BBC Test card. Waiting for kids tv to start on a Saturday morning..... !!

The iconic BBC test card / I also have this with Danger Mouse and Penfold in their positions on a tee.

1970s Matey Bubble Bath

Matey Bubble Bath Why did Matey have to change the old version of this bubble bath? Fab bottle and it used to make your bath water blue - bring it back!

They always slipped off!

Partington - we played on the square at the bottom of the road all summer and when the sun shone we would roller skate to school.

Evel Knievel stunt bike.  I remember thinking this was the coolest thing in the world when I got it.

Evel Knievel Dare Devil Stunt Set - My brother's favorite toy.


SPEARS GAMES I remember this game but with a huge orange wedge of cheese instead of the bucket. Can't remember how we played it but it was a game for pre-schoolers!

Grange Hill

Grange Hill Mum hated this show. She reckoned our attitudes became obnoxious after an episode. We thought she was spouting rot. Retrospectively i see what she meant now i have a child that has attitude after watching some obnoxious kids show.

Another Health and Safety loss in the playground......I loved this, especially when you made it swing in an oval and it would judder as it collided with the other side, if you know what I mean....

I would have all this old fashioned "dangerous" playground equipment in the inner-courtyard of my dream house

1970s color palette

LWT - this was known as let's watch Thames! Only those in London and the home counties will understand this

Half Penny coin - you could get a black jack or fruit salad chewy sweet for one of these.

Half Penny coin - you could get a black jack or fruit salad chewy sweet for one…

All nostalgic retro items are wanted by the-toy-exchange…

I remember walking with my Busia to a Polish bakery in her old neighborhood and…

PK, tiny packets of chewing gum.

PK Chewing Gum - remember playiong two balls in the playgound and singing . pk penny a packet, first you chew it then you crack it, then you wipe it down your jacket your jacket, pk penny a packet

Monkey, very weird but I watched it.  Monkey, Pigsy, Tripitaka and the other one!

1978 TV show aired around on BBC Monkey, Pigsy, Tripitaka ( the priest) and Sandy. Monkey Magic was the theme tune.

I was a member!

Road safety in the Tufty Club. Tufty was a red squirrel who never got run over. In reality all the Red Squirrels were run out of town by Grey Squirrels.

Loved this - must ask mom if it's still in the loft !!

Yesterday, Renz and I played the board game Mastermind. For the young ones out there, Mastermind is a board game that came out and became highly popular in the