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Ultra Strobe Balm from Makeup revolution I was so excited about getting these. I knew I needed them as soon as I saw them advertised! They are a cream highlight and come in a really cute compact, which I like, as it’s different to other cream.

NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer is more than your ordinary primer. In addition to prepping your face for even, long-lasting makeup, it’s loaded with good stuff for your skin, too. Like naturally antiseptic honey, collagens to strengthen skin, and gold flecks for added radiance. Wear it alone or under moisturizer and makeup for the perfect everyday glow.

Heard this works wonders for a dewy look all you have to do it mix it with your everyday foundation and voila

lol my art teacher always says I can't draw well on the board but it would look perfect on paper. Me:Yeah right.

my teacher always says she isn't an artist then proceeds to draw a perfectly detailed, shaded and everything else picture, with just a marker. She says her mom was an art teacher.

so me

when a teacher tells you to stop talking but you weren't the one who was talking