The dandelion string art I did

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String art is very popular and fun. It’s cost-effective, offers endless options.

String art

30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas I made this owl many moons ago.

string art balloon nursery decoration ideas Ballon String Art

Mr and Mrs Morgan have made this awesome Air Balloon String Art. We really love this DIy craft in order to decorate a nursery, child bedroom or even a cafe or a shop.

Geometric String Art | tree :: Geometry > String Art > Cardioid

Geometric String Art : Various. I like this as a tattoo idea. Been thinkin about…

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This Butterfly String Art DIY Kit comes with Black and Orange string, nails, an…

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String art also knows as Pin and Thread Art, It's a colorful arrangement of thread stung between abstract or geometric patterns. Great for kids crafts!