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a light hanging from a ceiling in the shape of a ball with wires attached to it
Lighting Pendants created with natural materials — Birch & Willow Studio
a red vase with branches in it and a light on the floor next to it
Treibholz Lampe- 69 DIY Ideen, Inspirationen und noch vieles mehr
a mouse lamp with a light bulb attached to it's back legs and head
Seletti Sitting Mouse Lamp - Trouva
an abstract painting with flowers in a circle
Round flower fine art print by JulieMarieDesign.
a person pouring milk into a pan on top of a table
Botanical Plaster Artwork
an image of some plants that are on the wall in front of it's white background
RachelDein - Etsy UK
a garden path made out of rocks and stones
Simple and cute DIY mosaic ideas for your garden and yard | My desired home
an open gate leading into a garden with flowers and plants in the background, on a cobblestone path
10 DIY garden paths made from upcycled finds
how to make a textured roller with hot glue
38 DIY Glue Gun Crafts
rolled up toilet paper, scissors and glue sitting on top of a piece of white paper
Roller stamps
a woman painting a wall with flowers on it
10 DIYs criativos com caneta Posca - A.Craft