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// oooh. When people tell you things will be okay one day they will! However long it takes. You'll be yourself again.

:) I have made it through many heart breaking things in my life by turning to Inspirational Quotes by Maya Angelou. What a wonderful lady!

You can stroke people with words. by F Scott Fitzgerald @ Like Success

Christopher Poindexter - "she was the ocean and i was just a boy who loved the waves but was completely terrified to swim"

Mandala Compass Tattoo

Love mandalas, i think they are very intersting but so trendy rn so im not sure if i would get one. If i did i would ask my artist to make me something unique. I also do love the simple compass incorporated into this one.

Compass Tattoo by Roxanne Lucas

Compass Tattoo by Roxanne Lucas - Something like this with some watercolor would be great


Dark Brown To Ash Blonde Ombre flair. Ombre Flair There is nothing more appealing to the eye than a perfect ombre or shadow effect.