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Chelsea Wallace
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Combining copper and pink in a master bedroom is a great way to add a feminine touch, without going overboard. On trend, but still remaining fairly neutral - this colour combination adds a really beautiful soft touch to a bedroom.

Pink and copper make excellent bedfellows. Their flattering warm tones are just what’s needed for the bedroom environment, while a flash of metallic will lend a luxe, grown-up feel to proceedings, so there’s no danger of Disney princess territory

Young Mič Styling, Ljubljana

prostheticknowledge: “ Kitsch Nitsch: YMS Hairstyle Salon Interior design reminiscent of pattern graphics, like a surreal retro-wink real-world animated gif: “ An established hairstyle salon chain.


Mič Styling is the leading brand of hair salons in Slovenia, with all their franchises they have about 50 salons. The main brand Mič Styling is aimed at business people with salon interiors designed in a very minimalistic, elegant, monochromatic.

Happy Notebooks by Officemilano | “The inspiration came from the early ’80s movement Memphis Milano, a reaction to the minimalism of the ’70s,”

Set of 2 pocket notebooks: each set is composed by two notebooks complementary to one another. One is coloured and the other one is characterized by a geometric pattern. The front of the first one matches perfectly the back of the second one, creating …